Al Rawi Productions is capable of taking your project from start to finish or helping with any of the steps along the way.

Whatever your needs, we’re very flexible and will work with you to apply our areas of expertise where you need it most.

Films and TV

Al Rawi Productions team is specialised in producing spectacular corporate films and TV commercials.

Photography Services

Al Rawi Productions offers photography services for corporate, entertainment and sport events in addition to product, food and fashion sessions

Digital Content Creation

Al Rawi Productions offers 2D/3D animated content creation for 3D architecture mapping, multi-projection blended screens and entertainment/ corporate multimedia shows.

Radio Productions

Al Rawi Productions is equipped to accommodate voice-over recordings for radio productions, shows and corporate films.

Time-lapse Photography

Al Rawi Productions offers a photography time-lapse monitoring system and tailored photography and videography progress reporting packages suitable for any sort of construction or long-term photography projects.

Event Videography

Al Rawi Productions can accommodate any event requirements from a two-camera setup reaching up to a ten-camera setup with jimmy jib cranes, dolly tracks, steadicams and internet live-streaming.